Every moment could have been different if only. But the moments that are, piece together to become our lives. Our conscious mind swings between either and or in deciding the details of our daily lives and as such, somethings are callously decided on and others over much pondering. Either ways, there seem to always be two ways to divvy up almost everything. The Yin and Yang philosophy is presumably a convenient way to simplify our emotional clutter.

However, one reflects the other like every emotion in life and so what becomes apposite is which is the question and which the answer. In as much, we almost forget that there is such a thing as complimentary opposites.

It is also interesting to challenge common notions as ‘seeing is believing’ despite the fact that our physical sight isn’t designed to comprehend everything. It like all our other senses is only conditioned to our common lives. An instance when the earth becomes the sky is a mirage that might question one’s intelligence.

The lines and curves of every design, our visual perspective and the different emotions of light create the sights we see. In the interpretation of what we see, visually and in the subjective acceptance of it lies our personal contexts. There in also lies questions to the levels of our personal wisdom in the wholesome or partial acceptance of everything we experience, even visually, although true wisdom would dictate that there is only one kind of acceptance, the wholesome kind.

Life may always be a matter of the glass half full or half empty and our separate view of such things might also guide us to our very own destinies.

Shibu Arakkal

Spring, 2012
Belforte del Chienti, Italy

Shibu ArakkalDuality – Artist’s Note